September 2017

Dear future babies,

Yesterday we had an appointment at the clinic to discuss when we will finally start our IVF cycle and I can’t tell you how much I want this and how ready I am…

I’m ready for all the injections and the bruises.

I’m ready for the hot flushes and the tears.

I’m ready for the mood swings and lack of energy.

I’m ready for the bloat and the weight gain.

I’m ready for the mental torture of the two week wait.

I’m ready to finally see two pink lines and for the heartache that will come if we don’t.

I’m ready for the morning sickness and the stretch marks.

I’m ready to see a flickering heartbeat on the screen instead of an empty womb.

I’m ready to tell our family that you’re on your way.

I’m ready for the cravings and the never ending trips to the loo.

I’m ready to feel your first kicks and rub my growing belly.

I’m ready to buy your first outfit and decorate your nursery.

I’m ready to start nesting, because god knows our house needs it.

I’m ready for the backache and the tiredness.

I’m ready for the contractions, the pain, the stitches.

I’m ready for the sleepless nights and the poo-filled nappies.

I’m ready for you to finally be here so we can meet our ‘half-me and half-you one’.

But most of all we are ready to be your mummy and daddy.

We are so ready for you.

Love, Mum xx


One thought on “September 2017

  1. I love this entry so much that I actually copied and pasted it into a note on my phone so I could refer back to it. It’s so perfectly written and encapsulates the hopes, the fears and the love. The love you already have for your children is so beautiful. It sums up in so many ways how I feel! Keep writing xxx – slowly_butslowly (Jem) xx

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