May 2018 – Part 2

Dear future babies,

It’s 6am on 11th May, our transfer day and I’m just lying here wide awake, too excited to sleep. There are also some nerves mixed in but mostly just excited to bring this embryo home.

It feels like Christmas morning, and just like Christmas morning I’m lying here wide awake and excited whilst your dad lies next to me fast asleep and snoring.

We should get a call later on this morning to confirm if our 5AA has survived the thaw. When we saw the embryologist again last week she called it beautiful so I really hope it makes it.

Part of me can’t wait to have it back where it belongs, the other part of me is terrified of it not working after all the prep and build up and losing our top quality embryo.

It all comes down to this, 5 months exactly since our last transfer. I am trying to push those negative thoughts and experiences out of my mind and focusing on being positive.

It’s a nice sunny day out there although the wind is picking up. I am still waiting to hear about my car but for now none of that is important, nothing can take the focus away from us bringing our embryo (which is hopefully you) home.

Can’t wait to find out what these next few weeks bring and know that whatever happens we love you, we will wait for you and we are ready when you are.

Love, Mum xx

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